I am a collector of beautiful moments.

//. As a photographer, I love that this role allows me to be your biggest fan. I offer to you my genuine self so that you can be at home with yours because that is where the most beautiful & magical moments generate from.

//I don’t believe photography is about “taking photos”; I believe in capturing moments.

There are these precious, fleeting moments of meaning, emotion, connection, beauty and creativity- I’m always watching for those moments to happen so I can capture each one and store them all up in my little camera, excited to reflect each one of them back to you. “Look, this is what I saw. Look at your beauty!; look at the love here; this is so magical!”

//These magical moments remind me of when I used to chase fireflies (or lightening bugs as we called them) as a kid late at night growing up in Iowa. I would race around the yard looking for the moment they would light up; then running and smiling after them until I caught one. It was the best feeling holding one in my hands. I feel that way with my camera when I capture someone being themselves, loving the people in their life; laughing, crying, hugging, and experiencing sincere, meaningful moments. These are the images that I seek to capture for you.