Growing up, I was always a collector of beautiful moments.

A life-long lover of art and the magic of a well-captured image, I’ve always been fascinated by light and the way it moves through the world.  As a photographer, I find I’m still chasing that light, capturing it at its most magical perfection, committing it to memory as well as I can through my lens.

Originally from Iowa, I fell in love with the green mountain goodness of Portland, OR, and for the last 12 years I’ve built a life and career in the city of art and food and incredible coffee. My husband and I are parents to two amazing little ones, and it was the birth of my daughter six years ago that inspired me to channel my love of art and movement into professional photography. I’m fascinated by the connections and emotions that drive us, and I combine my passions for light and relationship to create images that embody the brightness and shadows of our stories.

The art of raising little ones and the art of photographing families have so much in common - the moments are fleeting, the magic is powerful, and the challenges are real. It is my joy to put on my rainboots and chase that magic, camera in hand, to help you document the moments that mean the most to you. It is my joy to chase the story of your loves, relationships, and lives, and capture all the light therein.